Magnificent Hustle

    Aka “The Great Cash Giveaway Getaway.” Jimmy Bailey (David Kyle) is going through some tough times. His mom passed away and Jimmy is stuck with his stepfather Joe Hicks (Albert Salmi) the meanest man in the county. To top it off, Hicks has stolen $10,000 Jim's mom saved to put him through college.

    Jim runs away and takes the stash of money Hicks has stolen from him. Jim's girl friend Halley (Elissa Leeds) joins him on the road and to their surprise they soon discover the "stash" is really $250,000 Hicks has been holding for bad guy Donald Hightower (George Hamilton). The kids have Hightower's money, he wants it back and he'll stop at nothing to get it! Can these two kids outsmart two mean crooks?


    Additional Info

    • Genre: Comedy
    • Starring: George Hamilton, Albert Salmi
    • Year: 1978
    • Duration: 120 Minutes