Run If You Can

    Two Beverly Hills detectives try to track down a company making snuff films. Kim Page, a law student takes on a house-sitting job. Tired from jet lag, she settles in to watch an old movie only to have it weirdly interrupted by a murder scene that is clearly not part of the movie, the old movie resumes.


    Kim dismisses it as a fluke until she learns there has been a string of murders similar to the one she witnessed. Horrified but powerless and stalked by the killer, Kim is caught in a surprise 'double' ending. Produced and Directed by Virginia Stone, who brought to the screen, "Song of Norway".

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Thriller
    • Starring: Martin Landau, Yvette Niper, Jerry Van Dyke
    • Director: Virginia Stone
    • Year: 1987
    • Duration: 90 Minutes