Hallucination Generation

Drug induced “acid heads” murder an antique dealer. There are many psychedelic trips in this film. Like “The Wizard of Oz,” much of it is filmed in black and white, but the acid trips are in color.

One of the first LSD movies, Billy Williams (Danny Stone) is an American roamer in Ibiza, a Spanish Balaeric Islands. His mother stops giving him financial support. Angry and needing money, he gets involved with the wrong people, and is forced into engaging in criminal activity. He ends up being a drug abuser, and is exploited by the sleazy Eric (George Montgomery), who likes to doses peoples’ drinks with the drug cocktails he concocts.

After using LSD, Billy also becomes involved in murder. Filmed at the beginning of the psychedelic era, the movie’s intent was to warn people about the “evils” of acid that beatniks were becoming involved with.


Additional Info

  • Genre: Exploitation
  • Starring: Danny Stone, George Montgomery, Tom Baker
  • Director: Edward Mann
  • Year: 1966
  • Duration: 90 Minutes