Thrill Killers

    If three homicidal maniacs had escaped from a nearby insane asylum, would you pick up a hitchhiker? Dennis Kesdakain (ATLAS KING) did and was brutally slain by Mort "Mad Dog" Click (CASH FLAGG), brother of Herbie Click, one of the asylum escapees.


    This was the beginning of a reign of terror over the city of Los Angeles. But there was to be much more, including a shapely brunette fiendishly murdered with a pair of scissors, an innocent man decapitated with an axe while a similar fate served to his fiancé, whom he was to marry next week. Also a valiant police officer with a bullet reamed through his brain and ahelpless rancher butchered for his horse. The city is still not safe, not until the last killer meets his gruesome fate in the shock-charged ending.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Horror/Thriller
    • Starring: Ray Dennis Steckler, Liz Renay, Joseph Bardo
    • Year: 1965
    • Duration: 71 Minutes