Send No Flowers


    After her father is brutally murdered, mob princess Toni Albano decides to take control of the family business. She learns the hard way that the mafia is still an all boy's club.


    Meanwhile her sister Ava is back in town looking for her share of the family fortune and the entire crime syndicate is pursued by the local police and Detective Cavelli.

    To fend off the enemies at the gate and keep control of her family Toni must stand toe to toe and trade blows with Gaetano Nunzziatta the most ruthless mob boss in New York.

    Nothing will come between family and vengeance.


    Additional Info

    • Genre: Action/Crime/Drama
    • Starring: Sean Young, Tony LoBianco, Russ Camarda
    • Director: Fred Carpenter
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 95 Minutes
    • Clips: