Night Never Sleeps, The

    Set in New York City and written by career cop Michael Lovaglio, "The Night Never Sleeps" follows the journey of New York Street Crimes Sargent Thomas Cavanaugh (Dan Brennan) during the course of one night as he and his partners Rourke (Stephanie Finochio) and Jablonsky (Robert Clohessy) hunt down murderers of one of their task force. Pulling information from the denizens of the crime infested neighborhood, like seedy pimp, Hector (Eric Roberts), it becomes clear to the cops that those responsible are the Chicos Locos gang. 

    A group headed by local drug dealer Victor Vargas( Jose Hernandez Jr.) and enforced by the ruthless, psychopathic killer "Iceman" (Russ Camarda). Cavanaugh begins to realize that Vargas' gang may be getting help... from inside the police department. Internal Affairs Inspector Romanelli (Armand Assante) tips Cavanaugh off to the fact that there may be something rotten in his task force. Boundaries are crossed, lines are blurred...How far will Cavanaugh go for justice. Gritty, dark and authentic, "The Night Never Sleeps", with a driving score, and standout performances, evokes the spirit of films like "Taxi Driver" and "The French Connection" If you want to kill the Devil, you have to go to Hell to do it.

    Additional Info

    • Genre: Action/Drama
    • Starring: Eric Roberts, Armand Assante, Dan Brennan, Russ Camarda
    • Director: Fred Carpenter
    • Year: 2012
    • Duration: 79 Minutes
    • Clips: