Legend of Boggy Creek 2

    Based on a true story, Professor Brian “Doc” Lockhart is the moody, arrogant professor of anthropology at the University of Arkansas. He has a wealth of knowledge about legends. For years, he has been tracking Bigfoot’s whereabouts. He takes three of his students to camp out, hoping to find the legendary beast.

    The three students are Tim, Tanya Yazzie, and Leslie Ann Walker. The locals at their destination think it is ridiculous, and that there is no such creature. But when camping out at night, something dark is detected in the wilds. Doc then meets Deputy Williams, who was attacked by the monster’s child in his home. Williams directs Doc to a bearded mountain man named Crenshaw, who he says has some information on the beast. Doc and his small town students find the old hillbilly.

    Lockhart discovers that Crenshaw is harboring a secret baby creature in the rundown shack that it is his home. The professor sees that the small animal is sick. Doc is insistent that he wants the mother killed. However, will she return to save her sickly child? Or will it be Bigfoot instead that finally shows its face?


    Additional Info

    • Genre: Adventure
    • Starring: Cindy Butler, Chuck Pierce, Charles B. Pierce, Jimmy Clem, Serene Hedin
    • Year: 1985
    • Duration: 91 Minutes